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Hades Wings Design by OriginalSleepery
Hades Wings Design
My friend Aaron and I were talking about Cupid and Hermes which led to Mythology and he said "Just call me Hades" as a joke, so I made him some wings.:wing: 

Interesting fact is to me Hades wings are made of Molten Lava, Fire, and charred feathers riddled with obsidian. When He flaps he disperses said charred feathers and if he isn't careful can set unsuspecting victims on fire.:hadesemoticon: Hades is ticked off 

What number is your favorite? Sonic Shrug Emote 
Hermes Wing Designs by OriginalSleepery
Hermes Wing Designs
Ok, so I finished my Wing designs for HermesCommission - Clefairykid emote . I'm still working on them but this is the basic idea.Mumis pixel icon 

Now that I have the wings down I have to work on the other aspects such as what they will be wearing and whatnot. Star Butterfly Emote 2 

Tell me what you think!Happy Star icon 
Hermes Basic Wing shapes practice by OriginalSleepery
Hermes Basic Wing shapes practice
So this is basically me messing with the wing shapes for Hermes, Right now i'm drawing actual wing design ideas.Writer fella (Artists) 

The reason it has two parts is because, unlike Cupids cloud wings, Hermes has more birdlike wings so i had to understand how they're built first.just like heaven 

I'll put up the wing designs in a few hours most likely, as well as designs for my friend Aaron who while discussing wing shapes spouted, "Just call me Hades". So I made him some wings just for fun.Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Neko Girl) [V5] 
I'll upload Hermes's basic wing shape design page tomorrow, whenever I get down one part of the process of my character making i'll put an update on here, I dread drawing the bodies though as i'm not too god at it but meh.bunneh icon17 
Cupid Wing Designs by OriginalSleepery
Cupid Wing Designs
Right now i'm trying to make wing designs for two characters i'm doing (the gods Commission - Clefairykid emote Hermes and CupidAngella  ) and i'm kind of making my own versions so here's some ideas for Cupids wing design.Happy Star icon  I don't even know what category this goes in tbh..Star Butterfly Emote 2 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi, just call me Remus...

I'm intrigued by all forms of art

I have taken an interest in fursuits lately

I write fanfiction

I draw although i'm not used to putting my sketches on the web

I like cats

I like video games

I enjoy reading about mythology

History interests me, i just don't like the people that take sides while talking about it.

I like reading

I love Hetalia

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Sushi-Hiki Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
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